Sky Valley Community Center

A California Nonprofit Public-Benefit Corporation

Our Donors

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Some of our recent Donors include:

Angel Donors, who contribute by automatic banking:

·        Elizabeth Stephenson

·        Elin Holmberg-Rowland

·        Neil Ludlam

·        Fran Noche

·        Jim Sullivan

Special Supporters, who have made especially significant direct contributions:

·        The Riverside County Board of Supervisors has donated money from their Community Improvement Designation (CID) Fund, to be applied toward fixing our leaky roof.  That work has now been finished. 

·        Sky Valley Artist Mark Stephenson has printed and donated the Community Center sign at the corner of Dillon and Hot Springs roads.

·        Center Directors Elin Holmberg-Rowland, Noel Ragsdale, Elizabeth Stephenson, and Jim Sullivan have made generous donations to support a “matching funds” fund-raising campaign to be instituted Summer of 2016.

Sustaining Supporters, who have directly contributed $100 or more:

·        The Blackburn Family

·        James Sullivan

·        Noel Ragsdale

·        Barbara Hall

·        Darrell Franklin

·        Louis and Connie Murdica

·        Joe Leach

·        Randy G Myers Nursery

·        Elizabeth Stephenson

·        Anonymous Donors

Contributing Supporters, who have directly contributed $50 or more: